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What are the advantages of Diamond Wire Loops for Gem-stone cutting?

Compared with the traditional open diamond wire cutting, why choose diamond wire loops for Gem-stone cutting?Gem-stone are very precious, only a small cutting accident may ruin the whole design and bring huge loss. Diamond wire loop with diamond wire saw shows great advantages on cutting  precious minerals, not only gem-stone but also meteorites, rare minerals and other stones.

1: About the diamond wire saw:

Small diamond wire cutting machine with 50% cost reduce;

Easy to replace waste wire;

Fool-style operation, no worker skill requirements;

Clean working environment;

2: 3 times cutting efficiency improved: 45m/s cutting linear speed.

3: Minimal Kerf Loss;

Extremely thin cutting kerf to gain maximum profit, the kerf is about 0.46mm.

Based on the above points, the diamond wire loops comprehensive performance for gem-stone cutting increased about 5 times compared with the diamond wire (Open).



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