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Diamond wire saw cutting on the development of graphite industry

What are the advantages of endless diamond wire saw cutting graphite?

1. The cutting efficiency is high and the speed is much faster than that of traditional cutting tools. Diamond wire preparation technology belongs to the technology of consolidating abrasive particles. The speed of diamond wire cutting graphite will be much faster.
2. Low material loss and high chip yield. In cutting graphite, diamond wires with different wire diameters can be used according to the requirements of customers. Diamond wires have strong cutting ability, and the cutting gap caused by cutting graphite will be relatively small, so the loss of materials will be relatively small.
3. High cutting precision and guarantee of product quality. Diamond wire cutting has high accuracy and strong cutting force, reduces the processing damage layer, and the accuracy can remain stable.
4. Reduction of operating costs. The capital, manpower, power and space occupied by the ring diamond wire cutting equipment are reduced, and the whole production process is more simplified, thus reducing the operation cost.
As a new type of wire cutting equipment, ring diamond wire has become more and more important in graphite processing industry. The development of graphite industry is faster and faster, which is inseparable from the support of diamond wire cutting equipment.



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