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Hard and brittle material cutting method

At present, according to the shape of the cutting tool, the hard and brittle crystal material cutting method has diamond circular saw cutting, band saw cutting, wire saw cutting.

(1) Diamond circular saw cutting

The diamond circular saw blade is divided into two types: a diamond outer circle and a diamond inner circular saw. The diamond circular saw cutting technology is an early cutting method. The diameter of the circular saw blade for electroplating diamond on the outer circumference is about 200mm and the maximum is 400mm. It is mainly used for cutting, grooving, etc. of materials such as gemstones, quartz, ferrite, and ceramics. The advantages are: simple structure, easy operation, and cheap blade; the disadvantages are: thicker blade, wide kerf, large material loss, poor parallelism of the cutting surface, and only small diameter or thin workpiece.

The advantages of diamond internal circular saw cutting technology are: 1. Good rigidity, can be made very thin, reaching 0.1mm; 2. High cutting precision, the thickness difference of 200mm diameter wafer is only 0.01mm; 3. Low equipment, cutting machine used The price is only 1/3~1/4 of the price of other cutting tools; 4. Each piece can be adjusted radially and slice thickness; 5. Flexible adjustment in small batch and multi-size processing . Disadvantages are: 1. The surface damage layer of the slice is large; 2. The knife edge is wide and the material loss is large; 3. The productivity is low, only one piece is cut at a time; 4. Only the straight line can be cut, the surface cannot be cut; 5. The cutting diameter can only be smaller than 200mm wafer.

(2) Diamond band saw

It is divided into three types: steel belt, diamond band saw and steel saw. The diamond band saw is a circular saw blade with the theme of electroplated diamond abrasive or inlaid diamond agglomerate. The band saw appeared in the 1950s, and it was only developed in China in the 1980s. The advantages are: fast sawing speed, low tool material consumption and low noise. The disadvantages are: large kerf, low cutting precision, regular requirements for blocks, and no multi-piece cutting.

(3) Diamond wire saws are divided into three types: wire saws, diamond bead saws and diamond wire saws.



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