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Porus metal cutting by endless diamond wire saw

Porous metal is a kind of fine-grained spherical powder stainless steel sintered at high temperature, and the interior is evenly covered with tiny exhaust holes in all directions. It is also called porous material or breathable steel, which is used in gas trapping of injection molds.

Micropores may be plugged after grinding or any heavy cutting. Wire saw cutting processing shall be used. The processing speed shall be slightly increased during wire cutting processing. If it is too slow, an arc may be generated in the micropores, which is unfavorable to the molybdenum wire. When the machining allowance is large, hard cutting can be used, but 0.1-0.2mm allowance must be reserved for soft machining.

We use diamond wire loop saw to test the cutting of porous metal, and the cutting effect is good. At present, more and more customers change the wire cutting method to cut porous metal. 



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